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This page contains information on the relationship of netfilter/nftables with mentorship programs.

Google Summer of Code

The Netfilter project has participated in Google Summer of Code [1] since 2013.

GSoC, run by Google, is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school/university.

From Netfilter point of view, this kind of programs helps us gain contributors, add new ideas to our software and also brings different people together.

Thanks to Google, Netfilter is recognized as an Open Source Organization, and we have been able to succesfully acomplish many years of programs.

Netfilter project students

This section provides information for students who want to join Netfilter in GSoC.

First of all, thanks for being interested in participating in GSoC with Netfiliter.

You will contribute to one or several of our software packages, in C language, using our mailing list peer-review system. We will mentor you in this task, and you are expected to work hard in the project for us to approve/pass your GSoC participation.

Once elected, you will be assigned a mentor. As per GSoC rules, most of the communication between you and your mentor will happen via email.

The benefits, apart of the Google stipend, is joining one of the leading technological communities in the world related to firewalling/networking, a community which is formed by great engineers from all over the world, many of them working for big companies. This will provide you with valuable experience and knowledge. This will surely give your early resumee a big point. You will work in a true open-source, community-driven project with real impact in the Linux ecosystem. In the past, some great students were invited to attend the annual Netfilter Workshop meeting.

We understand that our project and codebase is rather complex, with a steep learning curve. Note that we will help you with pointers, ideas and examples, but you are expected to produce code suitable for mainstream inclusion in our code repositories, i.e. patches.

Requisites for participating with Netfilter in GSoC

You should be able to program in the C language, you should know Linux internals and of course you must have a strong background in firewalling and general networking.

Also, you should be familiar with our development environment and workflow, including git, libtool/autotools/automake, sending/retrieving patches via email and running development software locally.

Before appliying for being elected, you should have sent patches to our mailing lists. Ideally, several approved contributions.

You should be able to reply emails (specially ping emails) within a day or two (not during weekends, obviusly). We work in english.

Aditional information

The focus of the Netfilter project has been in nftables for the last years, and the students joining our community will likely work on this framework.

There should be an ideas document which you must read, please refer to GSoC program site for this. A good starting point is to subscribe to our mailing lists, download git code repositories, build by hand the projects (compilation) and look at our bugzilla (registration required).

Netfilter project mentors

This section provides information for Netfilter project mentors.

Each mentor is in charge of at least one student. The mentor is expected to provice help and guidance to the assigned student.

Most of our mentors have extensive experiencie with GSoC-like programs. In some cases, mentors have been GSoC students previously.

Google publish a great manual for mentors [2].


GSoC 2013: https://www.google-melange.com/archive/gsoc/2013/orgs/netfilter

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira, Eric Leblond, Tomasz Bursztyka
  • Students: Giuseppe Longo, Alvaro Neira, Arturo Borrero

GSoC 2014: https://www.google-melange.com/archive/gsoc/2014/orgs/netfilter

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira, Eric Leblond, Tomasz Bursztyka
  • Students: Giuseppe Longo, Alvaro Neira, Arturo Borrero

GSoC 2015: no participation

GSoC 2016: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/archive/2016/organizations/6465361373298688/

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira, Arturo Borrero
  • Students: Roberto García, Pablo Bermudo, Carlos Falgeras

GSoC 2017: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/6361812745322496/

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira, Arturo Borrero
  • Students: Shyam Saini, Pablo Bermudo

GSoC 2018: TODO: fill in information

GSoC 2019: TODO: fill in information


The Netfilter project has participated in several Outreachy [3] internship rounds.

This program has some similarities with Google Summer of Code.


Outreachy 2014: http://blog.anarey.info/2014/08/summary-of-the-outreach-program-for-women/

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira
  • Students: Ana Rey

Outreachy 2015-2016: https://unixia.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/outreachy-internship-complete/

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira
  • Students: Shivani Bhardwaj

Outreachy 2016: https://nevolakernelblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/01/preparing-for-outreachy/

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira
  • Students: Laura Garcia

Outreachy 2017: https://elennion.wordpress.com/

  • Mentors: Pablo Neira
  • Students: Elise Lennion