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Contributions are key to the success of the Netfilter project. Remember, this is community-based project. We welcome every contributor and every contributions, in any form.

Keep reading this page to know more about how to get involved. We hope you join our community :-)

Code contributions

Since this is a software project, many contributions are in form of code, or related to coding.

Contributions are usually made in form of patches (or commits) to our source code repositories. All the source code is managed using git, and can be found at git.netfilter.org.

Steps are usually:

  1. Subscribe to mailing lists
  2. Identify your area of interest
  3. Register to our bugzilla (see bug reporting)
  4. Set-up your development environment
  5. Learn about patch submission guidelines and send patches!

Did you know that the Netfilter project has a great track of participating in internship programs? Check more info about the mentorship programs.

Non-coding contributions

Non-coding contributions are those that don't involve writing code, knowing a specify programming language or even about our technology!

We love people who can help us with:

  • Documentation: technical about our technologies and generic, about licensing, community engagement, social aspects and so on.
  • Infrastructure: managing our servers, websites, mailing lists, wikis, etc.
  • Organization: we always require help with logos, workshop planning and organization, etc.
  • Donations: hardware donations, hosting/housing space, bandwidth and so on.