Simple ruleset for a server

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Here's a very basic example of the nftables.conf file you might use on a web server. In this example, we have the option to block off all incoming traffic from the server except from "safe" IP ranges. This is handy if your server is behind CloudFlare, Sucuri, or other similar traffic filtering services.

Note: Initially, this conf allows all inbound traffic until you comment/uncomment the "From approved IP ranges only" section.


#!/usr/sbin/nft -f

flush ruleset

# List all IPs and IP ranges of your traffic filtering proxy source.

table inet firewall {

    chain inbound {

    	# By default, drop all traffic unless it meets a filter
    	# criteria specified by the rules that follow below.
        type filter hook input priority 0; policy drop;

        # Allow traffic from established and related packets.
        ct state established,related accept

        # Drop invalid packets.
        ct state invalid drop

        # Allow loopback traffic.
        iifname lo accept

        # Allow all ICMP and IGMP traffic, but enforce a rate limit
        # to help prevent some types of flood attacks.
        ip protocol icmp limit rate 4/second accept
        # Allowing ICMPv6 is mandatory for IPv6 to work
        ip6 nexthdr ipv6-icmp limit rate 4/second accept
        ip protocol igmp limit rate 4/second accept

        # Allow SSH on port 22.
        tcp dport 22 accept

        # Allow HTTP(S).
        # -- From anywhere
        tcp dport { http, https } accept
        udp dport { http, https } accept
        # -- From approved IP ranges only
        # tcp dport { http, https } ip saddr $SAFE_TRAFFIC_IPS accept
        # udp dport { http, https } ip saddr $SAFE_TRAFFIC_IPS accept

        # Uncomment to allow incoming traffic on other ports.
        # -- Allow Jekyll dev traffic on port 4000.
        # tcp dport 4000 accept
        # -- Allow Hugo dev traffic on port 1313.
        # tcp dport 1313 accept

        # Uncomment to enable logging of denied inbound traffic
        # log prefix "[nftables] Inbound Denied: " flags all counter drop


    chain forward {

        # Drop everything (assumes this device is not a router)
        type filter hook forward priority 0; policy drop;

        # Uncomment to enable logging of denied forwards
        # log prefix "[nftables] Forward Denied: " flags all counter drop


    chain outbound {

        # Allow all outbound traffic
        type filter hook output priority 0; policy accept;