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Welcome to the nftables HOWTO documentation page. Here you will find documentation on how to build, install, configure and use nftables.

This documentation was initially started by Eric Leblond, known as the nftables quick HOWTO, and it has been extended and enhanced by Pablo Neira Ayuso.

If you have any suggestion to improve it, please send your comments to Netfilter users mailing list <>.

Note that this documentation is still under development, so consider this work in progress.


Getting started

Basic operation

Supported selectors for packet matching

Possible actions on packets

Note that, unlike iptables, you can perform several actions in one single rule.

Advanced data structures for performance packet classification

You will have to redesign your rule-set to benefit from these new nice features:

If you are already using ipset in your iptables rule-set, that transition may be a bit more simple to you.


Development progress



To the NLnet foundation for initial sponsorship of this HOWTO: